Outsmarting Dogs, 239-368-3682, is a board-and-train dog training service. We use food and well vetted training plans to motivate puppies and dogs to learn new behaviors and modify unwanted behaviors.  We never use pain to train. We outsmart dogs instead!

doberman and border collie outsmarting dogsGuarantee: Your dog will be trained with humane, positive motivation. We never use shock, prong, or choke collars. Humane-based training works. There is no need to hurt dogs to modify or create behaviors. At the completion of your dog’s board-and-train, we teach you how to maintain the training and you’ll receive a graduation video of your dog’s learned behaviors.

Think on This Outsmarting DogsThink on This! Helen Verte’s Board-and-train dog training is the most effective and efficient way to change the behavior of dogs who embarrass or frustrate their owners, dogs and puppies who lack obedience and housetraining skills, and dogs who can’t control their impulses.

Smokey’s Graduation Video.
Smokey came to us for our top-of-the-line puppy package. Housetraining, pet dog manners, socializing, puppy bathing, and a few tricks.

A Snippet of Rouzzie’s Work.
Rouzzie ignored her owners and had little to no self-control. Her board-and-train package included pet manners for the hyper dog, and housetraining.

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Love Wags A Tail

What is on your dog training wish list? Use this list to help you describe your pet dog training needs when you fill out the contact form. If you don’t see your dog training need on the list, let us know.

Outsmarting Dogs’ students are taken on field trips to train and practice their new behaviors in a variety of locations. This reinforces their new talents.

Helen Verte Schwarzmann Dog Training Certifications

Find out how much fun it is to train with food and games. Become a client of Outsmarting Dogs! We never use pain to train. We outsmart dogs instead!

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Certified in Training and Counseling
Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
AKC Canine Good Citizen/CGC and STAR Puppy Trainer and Evaluator
Your Board-and-Train Dog Trainer for Fort Myers, Lee county, Naples, Collier county, and southwest Florida